1. Savior Jesus

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2. Welcome Holy Spirit

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3. No Other Love

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4. Great High Priest

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5. Water for my Soul

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6. Your are my Praise

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'Welcome Holy Spirit' artwork


Gangai Victor
Songwriting, composing, acoustic guitar and production. Vocals on “Water for my Soul”.
Gerard Joseph
Music direction, arrangements, programming, mixing and bass guitar. Backing vocals on “Great High Priest”, “You are my Praise”, “Water for my Soul” and “The New Song.”
Catherine C. Harry
Vocals on “Welcome Holy Spirit” and composer of “Great High Priest”.
Robert Martin
Vocals, lyrics and co-writer on “No Other Love”.
Alastair Vance
Vocals on “Savior Jesus”.
Gideon Santiago
Bass guitar on “Welcome Holy Spirit” and EP artwork design.
Ann Swetha
Vocals on “Great High Priest” and backing vocals on all songs.
Nora Alexy
Vocals on “Your Are My Praise” and backing vocals on all songs.
Jude Mario
Electric guitars.