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Welcome to Spread Worship

Discover resources designed to help you magnify the One True God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Get worship music, articles, ebooks, guides, and other resources to grow in your walk with our Lord and serve Him in the eternal ministry of worship.

Free 19-minute MP3 files in all musical keys, suitable for almost any worship song… know more

The Worship Kenbook
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Considered one of the most useful books for worship ministry, ‘The Worship Kenbook’ is available at an incredibly low price… know more

Eucharistic Worship

Our liturgical worship album. Full of ancient prayers set to simple, contemporary musical arrangements.

Download the EP for free with chord charts!

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A Christ-centered tribe of worshippers

Our mission is to live, teach and spread the praise and worship of the Father revealed to us in Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit. We welcome every soul who desires to worship Him in spirit and truth. We pursue intimacy with the Lord through passionate praise expressed in transparency and authenticity. We believe that our God works in mysterious ways when we worship Him and generously gives us experiences of His glory, transforming our lives to fall deeper in love with Him while also enabling us to love our neighbour.